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Angelina's Italian Market and DeliAfter we ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway we like to sit down, relax, and get some food to take back to a cabin (remember… when in Rome, stay in a fancy hotel… when in the mountains, stay in a cabin and really breathe it all in). So we always stop at Angelina’s Italian Market and Deli

Angelina's Italian Market and DeliIt’s quaint, right off Main St and has plenty of parking (unless they’re busy, then sorry..). They have deli items, home-made desserts, coffee, bottles of wine, gourmet food, coffee, the BEST lasagna ever, and coffee. Guess which is my favourite?

You know, we drive all day with stops in between, we do our usual picnic lunches, but at night for dinner… we do sometimes gussy up and go out to eat but there are other times we just want to relax. So we go to Angelina’s, buy a prepared tray of lasagna and go to our cabin to cook. Paulette prepares the lasagna and you have to bake it. It’s SO nice to go to the cabin and not have to leave again for dinner or worst yet – actually cook.

Angelina's Italian Market and DeliWhile you’re getting a lasagna, go ahead and get a bottle of wine, a dessert, and really make a night out of it.

They also offer a cafe that has free wi-fi, a coffee shop, and adding on soon is a gift shop. Last time we went there it was coming together nicely. You can also stock up on deli items for the next day road trip picnic.

Check out our Flickr set for more pics of Angelina’s and surrounding areas! More pictures added with each new blog post!


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